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Registration is now open for ATA’s first ever Digital Professional Development Series. We’ve heard your feedback that the teaching artistry field is hard to make a sustained living in. That’s why we’re bringing you a 4-week series called “Thrive as an Artist; financial investment for the teaching artist.”

Taught by financial professional and former modern dancer David Maurice Sharp this class will walk teaching artists through the steps needed to empower a diversified and stable financial portfolio. Designed specifically for artists who have fluctuating, uncertain, and sometimes limited streams of income, this course will strive for understanding of finances and the investment world by offering clear, basic explanations of how finances work and tips and tools on how to participate in them as an investor.  

Week 1 will explore ways to overcome the scarcity mentality, ways to become a savvy saver, how to figure your “monthly nut”, and building an emergency cash reserve. Week 2 will give you and understanding of basic elements to create a well-diversified investment portfolio such as risk assessment, the primary investment elements (cash, bonds, stocks) and the role they each play. Week 3 examines how to defer funds for use in retirement in the form of IRAs, 401(k)s and 402(b)s and understanding Social Security and Union Pensions. Week 4 will explore strategies to help ensure you keep moving towards your financial goals and thrive as an artist.

Recommended Reading: The Thriving Artist; saving and investing for Performers, Artists, and the Stage & Film Industries.

David Maurice Sharp:
David's unique background allows him to relate to his audience both as an artist and as a financial professional. He danced with the Mimi Garrard Dance Theatre from 1993 to 2001, as well as with other companies including Lucinda Childs, Blondell Cummings, Sean Curran, Rachel Lampert, Heidi Latsky, Lonne Moretton, and Anna Sokolow. Currently, as a financial professional, David works for Prime Clerk as a Director of Solicitation in their New York office, specializing in US and international restructurings, particularly those that involve public securities. He is an industry expert in both domestic and international corporate restructurings, as well as for Rights Offerings and Subscriptions, and authored several articles in industry publications such as the Daily Bankruptcy Review and He is the author of The Thriving Artist: Saving and Investing for Performers, Artists, and the Stage & Film Industries and a contributing author to A Life in Dance: A Practical Guide.


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