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The Association of Teaching Artists (ATA) is a not for profit advocacy organization in New York State that brings together artists who teach in schools and in the community to: Educate, Collaborate, and Communicate.


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The First National Teaching Artists Forum
The Association of Teaching Artists First National Teaching Artists Forum, in collaboration with the Center for Arts Education,  was held at the Center for Arts Education, 225 West 34th Street, New York, New York on April 16, 2011. The  Forum was envisioned by ATA as a means to advance the field of teaching artistry. ATA believed that the time for such an event was long past due.
Space restrictions limited attendance. Arts Education field leaders, Teaching Artists, and representatives from networks of Teaching Artists, representing various parts of the country and multiple generational perspectives, met in a think tank environment, facilitated pro bono by Eric Booth, for dialogue and exchange. No one was paid an honorarium.  
Those present explored key needs and concerns in order to create a forward thinking, realistic, highly actionable agenda. The Forum combined a number of activities, including a presentation by Nick Rabkin, large and small group work, and preparatory assignments all focused strictly on advancing the field of teaching artistry. 
The First National Teaching Artists Forum was an act of love, faith, and the determination to advance the field. It was grounded in the knowledge that a quality arts education for all k-12 students needs a strong, effective, and well-supported field of professional Teaching Artists.
We made a start out of particulars.
To make a start
out of particulars
and make them general, rolling
up the sum. 
William Carlos Williams, Preface, "Patterson"