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The Association of Teaching Artists (ATA) is a not for profit advocacy organization in New York State that brings together artists who teach in schools and in the community to: Educate, Collaborate, and Communicate.



ATA Archive


2012 - 2013

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    Who We Are...

2009 - 2010 Teaching Artist Reflections


2006 - 2007 Teaching Artists at National Conferences

Knowing that In spite of our numbers, our importance, and the value of our skills, Teaching Artists are all but invisible on the national arts radar, and are almost entirely disconnected from the non-local organizations and gatherings that advance the national agenda, in 2006 with the goal of supporting the growth, visibility, and impact of Teaching Artists on the national arts scene, ATA, worked with Eric Booth, to place a Teaching Artist at major national conference and have the Teaching Artists blog about what he / she saw that was of relevance to Teaching Artists.

Tahni Holt
Sarah Johnson
Georgia Popoff
Jill Parry
Christopher Eaves
Sarah Haskell

ATA at Americans For The Arts
Photographic Glimpse of ATA at Americans For The Arts 2007 Annual Convention
       Courtney Boddie, Education Programs Manager, The New Victory Theater, New York
Notes: Teaching Artists: Developing the Profession 
Daniel Godston

2005 - 2006 Teaching Artist Blogs

Andrew Murrell
Elizabeth Hallmark
Suzy Myers
Alex Simmons
Haifa Bint-Kadi

2002 - 2003 Teaching Artist Journals

Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell
Bruce Taylor
Michael Rutherford
Karen Fitzgerald
Glenn McClure
Barbara Fisher
Ruth Vaughn