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The Association of Teaching Artists (ATA) is a not for profit advocacy organization in New York State that brings together artists who teach in schools and in the community to: Educate, Collaborate, and Communicate.



Recipients of ATA Distinguished Service to the Arts Education Field Award

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2002 Award, Richard Lewis
The first recipient of The Association of Teaching Artistsí Teaching Artist Distinguished Service to The Arts In Education Field is Richard Lewis. The award is the first in the nation to recognize an artist educator for service to the field. The award was presented at the ATA Reception, hosted by the Rochester Region Association of Teaching Artists, at Common Ground 2002.

Richard Lewis is the Director of The Touchstone Center for Children, which he founded in 1969 in New York City. The Touchstone Center is an arts organization which works in the public schools of New York - emphasizing the role of the  imagination through various long term explorations based on themes and images  of the natural world. Richard Lewis and his staff of Teaching Artists have recently  completed, as part of the Center's thematic project,  Speakings: The Many  Voices of Language, a series of school gardens and murals highlighting the  art and writing of students. In addition to its work in schools, The Touchstone Center, presents a variety of workshops for teachers and artists;  and produces and distributes through its Publications Program, books, videos,  and tapes on the imaginative and poetic life of childhood.

Richard Lewis has also edited and written a number of books for children and adults, among them being, Miracles: Poems by Children of the English-speaking WorldIn A Spring Garden (illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats);  All of You Was Singing (illustrated by Ed Young); and Each Sky Has Its Words  (illustrated by Gigi Alvare).

Richard Lewis has written extensively on the imagination  of children, and these writings have been collected in his books, When Thought Is Young and Living By Wonder.

His latest book is In The Space of the Sky.



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